Odin’s dream

A Piece I started years ago and never finished for my brother Jo.  Finally took the time to revamp it and take it in a totally different direction this Christmas.  Odin’s dreams concept was the whirling and merging of my husband, my son and myself (snuggled up cosleeping) and our dreams all getting woven together.  Things we have experienced and seen things we have karmatically imprinted in us from lives before.  Odin gave me direction on thing that were a must in the piece he was fully my inspiration. He has a very special bond with Jo and I think this painting really captures that love and light.

The piece is mixed medium with buttons from my Granny’s button collection, feathers from our wedding day, and thar we collected on our honey moon, clay, keys I found… And a little pebble my son found in the snow and brought inside and on the painting in the place he felt it needed to be.

Mixed medium, acrylic on canvas

a gift


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