Laura Lee Harasym is an award winning, mixed media artists whose roots formed in Rural Manitoba and is now based out of Winnipeg.  Her works are shown internationally in private collections: Mexico, Germany, Russia, Australia, United States, India, Sweden…  Much of her work and imagination has been beautifully inspired by exposure to diverse techniques, styles and materials encountered through extensive travel to over 30 countries around the world.


“Seeing arts being created in ways that I would have never have fathomed has blown my mind wide open. Lack of supplies does not suppress people’s artistic passion to create. On the contrary, they are creating masterpieces with the resources in which they are surrounded. Recycling everything they can! From the most beautiful origami bugs made of grass, to baskets and rugs woven from plastic bags. Jewellery made of seeds, nuts and hair to musical instruments from the bones and hides of cattle. Inspiration to create is all around us!”


Laura Lee has adopted this spirit of use of nature and recycling and incorporating lost or discarded items into her own work, often letting the unique mediums and materials inspire and facilitate artistic flow and imagination.


“I create for the pure enjoyment of the process, to satisfy my artistic passion and most importantly to spark people’s emotions and make them smile. I hope I succeeded.”


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