I started creating artwork when I was a child. Like every Mother mine put a crayon in my hand. The only difference was, from that moment on, I never wanted to put it down and I have been creating ever since.Painting is totally my passion and it drives me on a day to day basis to keep creating, to make people smile. It is the most amazing, liberating, and inspiring way to live! To be able to provide for your self with your two hands and your mind to dream up what will be next. It’s just such an amazing way to live. Since I have traveled around the world, my mind has been blown wide open to see arts being created in such ways I couldn’t have fathomed. People’s passions to create are not being held back by supplies and product. It’s just so inspiring!! The most beautiful origami bugs being made of grass! Baskets being woven from garbage! Jewelry made of seeds and nuts…Clay, silk, sand,grasses, wools! So much inspiration is all around us to be creating! The brilliance I have experienced from fellow street artists and random strangers who happen to walk by my work has helped me realize that no one should ever hold back on their gift. Everyone has a gift and that’s what we should be pursuing in our lives. If everyone lived their passions, the world would be filled with happy people, less conflict, and more love. All I want is to make people smile! To make them think about what is going on in the world around them. To provoke thought and emotion.

That is why I paint.
So go and create something will ya! It feels amazing! Play with some clay, draw a picture in the sand, bang on a pot while your cooking your dinner I promise you that you will not regret it.

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