See No Evil

His mind is filled with beautiful fragments of sound, melodies continuously playing, words masterfully flowing together, poetry coming to life… Composing from inspiration that seemingly comes from everywhere, the universe, prana, the leaves in aspen trees, the breath of our son and also no where at all. When he describes sound to me everything comes alive in my ears. For a moment a mundane water drip, a creaking of a wood floor, coins caressing each other in someone’s pocket become this beautifully orchestrated musical maraud. The sounds that were once white noise now echoing in my mind, hanging on my ear drums with ever hue imaginable. Have you ever been so lucky to witness pure genius in it’s Devine whole during the creative process, from the shimmer of light of an idea coming to life as it blossoms and unfolds layer by layer until millions of thoughts burst wide open flooding the room, it’s almost blinding! All of these single sounds, notes, words articulated into one. It’s instinctual just as soul mates making love. I don’t mean sex… No this is unlike anything the average person will come across in a life time. I mean making passionate love to your soulmate. The instinct, the passion from millennia building and building, blurring the lines of millions and millions of cells which make up two individuals as they completely flowing in time and energy and unite together, wrapping around each other braiding themselves into the karma-tic imprint of that other living beings soul. Their breaths, body’s, heart beats, their utter most light and life force flowing together and becoming one! One melody, one masterfully Devine composition of love in it’s entirety. It’s awe inspiring and almost chilling! Where does it come from how do these pieces form. Is it prana flowing from within? Is it your memories from other life times flowing into your momentary consciousness? Who knows… What I do know is I have witnessed this experience of such passion during conception, birth and growth of the most soul shaking musical pieces that give me such profound emotion and wonder of what’s to come next.

Enjoy this piece… Lay down get comfortable and just listen with your eyes shut, your mind open and aware. Truly listen to all the passion, listen to the lines as they blur and become one, listen to each sound each aspect of the melody as it braids and weaves into one. It’s beautiful and profound. I hope that one day everyone first hand experiences for them selves their genius there Devine passion, their craft which connects them to and endless flow of prana.



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