This piece holds a big part of my heart. I have to be honest motherhood and parenting can be difficult, worrying about the environment our children are growing in affecting them when certain things are out of our control…Never mind mothering in the midst of a war. Trying to provide, a safe and secure environment, food, schooling… it’s so immensely heart wrenching, I can’t imagine. I took sometime instead of constantly watching the news listening to the horrors happening to stop the spiralling and paint. Take some time to pour some love into a piece and maybe it could help someone, I pulled out a old mirror frame from the restore and I repurposed it and some Masonite board to create on.

This piece was originally inspired by Roman Kowal’s Holodomor Memorial in Winnipeg. A mother and child embracing with the mothers head and hand up against a wall. The reference photo was taken with three generations of Ukrainian women, my mother myself and my little girl. My love suggested we place our hands together and our foreheads and when seeing this the image felt so much more hopeful and warm. At first I thought about altering the photo and making myself smaller and shorter for the composition of the piece. But that’s the strength and beauty that I think is important to share, the generations of women growing and thriving. I named this piece Mother. It has been sold, and the proceeds have been donated to @mamamoyaorg a wonderful organization that @yeg_community_herbalist shared with me ❤️👐 That is aiding single mothers in Ukraine. If you are able please take the time to look up and donate❤️❤️❤️


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