I have wanted to paint an oak again for awhile. There was a huge oak tree in our yard where I grew up I spent countless hours in that tree, either laying in a hammock with my Granny, cousins or friends, or swinging on a tire swing. Or climbing to the top as high as Lissa and I could go where the wind would bend the branches and we would get swayed back and forth until my Granny would come out and yell to get down. A few weeks ago I swapped out with my Mom (I was getting burnt out and needed a moment to myself which everyone needs sometimes especially at these hard times. Thanks Mom❤️)She cared for the kids for me and I went to my parents place and painted and spent time with my Dad. I painted all day and almost all night for a few nights filling my cup again… and my Dad would come in and bring me snacks and watch the progression of this piece come to life. ❤️ at all hours (wake up in the middle of the night “your still going!”). Each piece has many stories tide to them from the creators to the individuals whom bring them to their new homes. I love the though of something I created now creating its own memories and story’s after it’s life with me has moved on. That it could be in a possible first memory for a grandchild, or in the background of some of the most precious memories life has to offer, over seeing a Mama as she feeds baby for the first time in their nursery, or that reminds someone of that special moment in time with a loved one that they never want to forget the fine details. Just a thought that they bring me life and then create a life all unto them selves. ❤️

(Acrylic on Canvas)
(Granville Island Kroma Acrylics)

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