Amma Margret

Amma margretEvery year my mothers side of the family gets together, has a big supper, loads of hugs kisses and laughs and does a big gift exchange. For the past few years I have tried to paint a piece for the exchange. My end goal is to eventually have a piece of me hanging in everyone in my families home. 🤣❤️ This year I painted a robin. Seeing a Robin in my family is like getting a treat greeting from my Amma, like she is a reincarnated Robin who comes for a visit in spring… Summer… so on. Even my little children yell Amma Margret! When they see a Robin and it fills my heart. This is my first Robin I have ever painted, a truly fun one to create. With a little tuff of my Amma’s hair from when she was probably around my age. My Aunt found a little bag with a couple of her ponytails in it after she passed and gave them to me. Thought it would be lovely to have a piece of her in such a piece like the Robin is making a nest with her hair. It amazes me seeing how our hair is like the exact same colour.❤️ I am truly the most blessed women in the world to have such amazing family and friends from all aspects of my life. ❤️🙏love to you all

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