Pleine Lune

Pleine Lune came to creation after a friend asked me if I would like to paint the windows at Cercle Moliere for MC2.  I have never painted a window in my life so how could I pass up the opportunity.  This would also be the first time I created in a public space with onlookers. (Went awesome) The concept is a feminine lunar cycle. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect when I looked up the time frames the full Moon was in cycle during the two days I had to create the piece and the night of MC2.  The women in my family always seem to have these strong emotions and superstitions about the moon.  I remember my Granny and Amma always mentioning when the full moon would be arriving and to be fully aware of my surroundings.  When I moved away I would get phone calls and messages on my answering machine saying “Full moon tonight you stay in, stay in and have a relaxing night tonight, don’t be roaming around “bumming” in the full Moon”. No matter the distance I still would get the call. These calls and conversations continued as I grew, my Mom also began to do the same and my cousin and I began having these conversations also about the Moon and her cycles and how it seems to effect us along with others around us. Our children or loves… felt the immense need make her come to life in such a form. These conversations kept flooding back to me as I was painting and would make me smile.  Memories of things that would happen when I would go out after these convos and how I would only tell my cousin of the eventful nights under the moon. I miss my Granny and Amma so very much more than could ever be expressed. I also am very grateful to have my Mom @cindyharasym who still always makes these phone calls and supports every single one of my creative endeavours (watching my babies for days on end, while I’m painting) And my cousin @msigvald who shares my memories and sends me sweet messages daily and reminders of these lunar cycles. ️ Some creative processes are memories coming to life, flooding back in ways I could have never fathomed possible. Just as the moon cycles come and go she will be washed away to only be enjoyed as a memory and photo. nornorrbshIMG_0838IMG_0825IMG_0824IMG_2085E85860E6-FF04-49D5-A5D9-41463FBDEFE4

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