Snuggles in the Snow

I have been asked many a time now to recreate a photo of a loved one and each time I have politely declined not feeling fully confident that I could recreate a portrait to the degree that the person commissioning me to do so would be pleased. This is my first attempt in many years of being asked. I have created interpretations of people with an obvious likeness but this is my first time with a portrait. A piece that ended up as a Christmas gift as the timing aligned from a wife to her husband. Amma to an Afi of there daughter and grandson. I really enjoyed the process and creation of this piece, and enjoyed even more seeing their heart felt reactions and appreciation to my creation. Such an amazing feeling to have people reacted with so much love. ❤️ Thanks @magnusson_sandra for not giving up and pushing me to break out of my box. I’m so extremely pleased with how this piece came to life. ❤️Happy holidays everyone! 😘 warm wishes to you all.


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