This piece has been in creation for over ten years. It started with a warm hello outside the Vancouver art gallery and a lovely conversation that continued out over all these years, that warm hello and kind words towards my creations at the time. Bloomed into a lovely friendship. It is amazing how life blossoms and changes. I wanted to depict the past, the present and the future in this piece. The past a young women hair blowing in the wind enjoying a Vancouver sunset (as we both did solo in our own favourite spots so freely), the present… The gift of a moment to sit in silence alone and bask in such pure beauty. With out any worry, guilt or distraction. The moment of being a women a solo women in her breath and space. A moment in which time stands still for a moment and you feel such appreciation for everything that has brought you to this space and time. Those moments have changed with the immense gift of becoming a mother and wife and are also valued with a different magnitude. And the future which is so hopeful yet also uncertain of what’s to come. All cycles flowing together as one in one brief beautiful moment which is a breath of fresh air alone. So grateful for these moments and for fate pulling us into the same flow.

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