Seeds of Intention: Winnipeg Folk Festival Art Installation (Piece one)

image1 (1)The concept is to give people a chance to think about their intentions for the future and to put them into motion. Each one of us has a unique foundation, based in our traditions, our beliefs and our experiences, which shapes what our intentions are for the future of the world.
This installation is a participatory experience where people write their intentions and/or their traditions on recycled paper and insert it into a box. The box is suspended in mid air and can be spun by anyone walking by, putting those intentions in motion so that they may manifest themselves in the future.  Each intention is planted in the box, which was adorned by this piece along with two others, the images were created to encourage positive intentions.
The installation is similar to a child’s wooden swingset, with two ‘A’ frames and a crossbeam to suspend the box from. The box is be suspended from the crossbeam and secured to the earth with rope and pegs in order to prevent the box from swinging. The concept is that it will spin in place. Crystals from a repurposed chandelier as well as chimes are hung from the frame so that when the sun shines onto it, the area will be graced with ephemeral rainbows, and the wind will create soothing sounds. A table with a box stocked with paper and pencils for people to write down their intentions (is placed beside the piece) to place inside the box through a mail slot, or visitors can also just think about their intentions and spin the box.  Ninety percent of this installation was redirected from the landfill.

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