As a Mother, I know that our children influence every moment of our lives from the moment they are a flickering heartbeat in our swollen bellies, inspiring us in the most subtle of ways. Mine inspire me to paint, to paint those moments in time where everything slows to a halt and smells so sweet. Those moments when you just wish they could never end and you are so grateful that they will be imprinted on your soul for eternity. A little dimpled hand holding yours, a burst of giggles, the softest wisps of hair touching your cheek when you’re getting the most love filled “big hug”. This piece is that to me, It’s Granny-knit Icelandic sweaters that feel like a hug, it’s the memory of the smell of my Amma’s house in the morning, It’s the sound of children when they see their Grandma, Amma, Mémère, Daadee Ma, Óma, or Nana walk through the front door and they can’t contain the excitement as the air in the room explodes with delight. It’s all things beautiful and warm that come with being a mother, poured out of me in the form of a painting.

Mixed media: Acrylic on repurposed oak cabinet door, stones (Sandy Hook).

$650.00 SOLD
Prints will be available on request.

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