Sun, Sand and Skin

Mixed media: Acrylic on canvas with accents of sand from English Bay, and a peacock feather from my wedding day.

Last summer my brother and I (whom lives a block away from me) I would walk down the beach a few times a week with little picnics and spend some wonderful sibling bonding time. He would sometime bring his acoustic with him and I would bring my paints. Some collaborative art jams at English bay and sunset beach. I had started this piece while spending time with a dear friend of mine and couldn’t seem to think of how I wanted to finish her. Something was missing so during one of these adventures to the beach I brought her along. All of a sudden it dawned on me that she needed sand in her hair. The way the light was reflecting on the sand was so beautiful. So I began to create, my bro at this point was loosing it he kept “saying stop stop your ruining her”. It’s hard for someone else to in vision the finally product of a piece, yet the whole time it’s swimming around in my head coming together bit by bit stroke by stroke. When it was all said and done he really liked it but the creation process was a little nerve wracking to watch I’m assuming.


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