Since traveling around the world to over 30 countries my mind has been blown wide open to see arts being created in such ways I would have never fathomed. Peoples artistic passions to create are not being supressed by the lack supplies. On the contrary they are creating masterpieces with the resources in which they are surrounded. And recycling everything they can. The most beautiful origami bugs being made of grass! Baskets and rugs being woven from plastic bags, Jewellery made of seeds, nuts and hair. Musical instruments from the bones and hides of cattle… Inspiration is all around us to be creating! The multitude of artistic flow that can be born from recycling discarded, lost items is endless. And so I’ve created from items once lost and now found again on these canvases. I create for the pure enjoyment of the process, to satisfy my artistic passion and most importantly to spark peoples emotions and make them smile. Hope I succeeded.










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