What is more important?

What is more important?

A idea of a brilliant friend of mine. That I just added a little of my own flare to. The concept is dark fading to light. City skyline to a beautiful forest. What is more important? So much money goes into preserving historical buildings and skyscrapers yet the worlds natural resources are being stripped with out a second though of preservation and if there was a second thought the funding is cut so easily and placed else where. Into big business schemes and ideas that will help to strengthen our economy. Who’s strengthening our natural resources? Who’s strengthening the old growth forests that are being clear cut all over the world? Our water supplies? All the natural habitats so lush with biodiversity that so easily gets ravaged so carelessly. I wish as much thought, time, funding and care would go into the preservation of these habitats instead of the deconstruction of them for personal gain.

Acrylic on canvas

Given to the brilliant man with the idea


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